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Since Spark Soccer has been working with my son, I've seen significant advancements in his game. The training sessions have been focused, goal-oriented, and fun! I highly recommend Spark Soccer.

Amy S.

My twelve year old daughter really enjoyed working with Spark Soccer. They encouraged her to push herself and she found the session challenging but enjoyable. She is excited to do the drills they gave her to do at home and is looking forward to more sessions.

Pam M.

Tyler is an excellent coach for my 10 year old son. He’s patient, positive and encourages goal setting and practice. He does a great job practicing technical skills and explaining what went right and what could be better. My son is always excited for a session. Highly recommended!

Kelly G.

I wanted to say thank you for helping my son not only become a better soccer player but a more confident person. Up until he started with Spark Soccer he got by on his speed and size. Your friendly and encouraging approach to coaching made him more confident on and off the pitch. You are a true gem amongst coaches. Not only did you take the time to coach him but you took the time to get to know my son and that meant a lot to us. Anyone that is looking for that next level of play should take some lessons from you. Thank you for all you do.

Josh C.

My rising 9th grade daughter and “A” club level player was motivated to train during the summer in advance of her 1st high school tryouts. We found Tyler through an on-line search and could not have been more pleased. He developed varied sessions working on stamina, foot skills, shooting, trapping, corner kicks and 1v1 moves and defense, all the while keeping it tough but fun. Spark Soccer made it easy to schedule and traveled to our favored location. The sessions were so worthwhile that my daughter invited multiple teammates to attend. Her club coach recently commented on improvements he noticed including how well she was striking the ball. We highly recommend Spark Soccer!

Rob S.

Spark Soccer was awesome! They really connected with the kids and taught skills relevant to their level and long term development. Started with the basics and also provided some practice tips for the future.

Jonathan L.

Spark Soccer was excellent with my grandson. I was impressed with their knowledge and technical ability of the game. How he ask my grandson do you know why this happened or what happens if you use this foot or angle? He is not just a trainer with drills. He is a teacher of the game. We will be adding more sessions because this is a great fit for my grandson. Coach, I am saying Thank You now because I know how your teaching/instructions will impact my grandson's ability in the future.

Ron B.

My child had the benefit to be trained by Coach Tyler since he was five years old. I think this was the best thing to happen to him in his soccer career. He taught him the fundamentals of the game and most importantly instilled a great deal of confidence in him, on and off the pitch. I think as a parent I was very satisfied because those are the aspects we look for in a coach and am very appreciative of everything he did for my son. He has grown so much in the soccer world and now will be playing for Lehigh University in the fall. Good job and wish you well.

Domenico D.

Coach Tyler is an excellent soccer coach. He is knowledgeable and patient. He seeks input from players/parents to tailor individual sessions. He is reliable and flexible when scheduling. I would highly recommend him.

Raymond J.